Google is a great company. Almost 90% of searches carried out on the desktop are done through Google. In particular, his Google Lens was one of the first applications to use Artificial Intelligence. The application is useful as it searches the entire web for matches of the topic identified by the AI ​​application. The new Google Lens update brings the handwriting scan feature, which many may find beneficial for manual work. Also, GOOGLE has brought some other unique features with the latest Google Lens update.

New Google Lens update

Let’s talk about the Google lens update in detail

What is Google Lens?

Google Lens is a mobile image recognition application developed by Google in 2017. The application is based on Artificial Intelligence to recognize subjects in images. Browse the entire web to find relevant information about the image. It is available for all Android applications.

Google Lens update

The latest Google lens update brings many new features like “Copy to Computer” and “Handwriting Analysis”. However, for this latter feature to work, handwriting must be clear and readable. In addition, users can also hear the text scanned by the Lens app. A dedicated “Listen” button will be available, which also acts as the visual mark Play / Pause button.

Copy to computer and scan by hand

An underrated feature of Google Lens is rapid optical character recognition (OCR). This allows us to scan text from textbooks, posters, and now even handwritten material. However, the feature is new. Therefore, the text it scans must be clean for the AI ​​to work properly.

Copying to the computer is another great feature in the latest Google Lens update. After selecting a snippet of text in the Lens app, you will see the Copy to Computer option. Also, the hint chip will appear with the “Copy Text” button. The user can send the text to any computer with Chrome installed.

How to activate Google Lens?

Here are some ways on “how to activate Google Lens”:

Download the Google Lens app from PlayStore. Open the app: grant the necessary permissions, such as camera and voice. Now the application is ready to use.
Open Google Assistant and go to the discovery section. Press the lens icon on the left side of the microphone button.
On some phones, such as Google PIXEL, LG and Xiaomi, the function comes pre-installed in the camera section and does not require additional permissions.


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