HOW TO GET AMAZON AWS RDP FOR FREE WITH AWS EDUCATE IN 2020. This post is not a click bait like most posts on the internet to get the free rdp method. Today we will learn the 100% labor free Rdp method to get free rdp for life.

What is RDP?

According to Wikipedia, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft, which provides the user with a graphical interface to connect to another computer through a network connection. The user uses the RDP client software for this purpose, while the other computer must run the RDP server software.

In general, RDPs are mainly used to connect to virtual computers that we can run on our computer. We can use a computer with high-speed and fast Internet, we can even store data through virtual storage. Such computers are much more advanced than our normal computers. We can use Windows, Linux through this protocol. But who will provide such an important and useful cloud service for free? Yes, nobody is right. So today we are going to learn a method to create Rdp for life because nobody provides that valuable knowledge, but we do. No more worries now.

Benefits Of RDP?

Therefore, you may want to know why having virtual computers when you have large physical computers. I am going to tell you some advantages that will make you sell your real computers to buy virtual computers. So are you ready to learn why have Rdp? These are some of the main advantages of having Rdp.

  • You know that Microsoft azure rdp costs only 0.1 or less per hour. You can even buy the RDP service from multiple providers.
  • Rdp are like your computers. The same graphics but you can get computers with high specifications. For example, your computer may have 4GB of RAM, but with RDP you can get 8GB or 16GB or more as you like.
  • You have fast internet access. Your home’s internet download speed can be 4mb / s, but with RDP you get 800mb / s more speed. Which undoubtedly saves a lot of money surfing the Internet.
  • You gain access to the virtual storage disk just like your huge PC. You can store data there and access it from anywhere and from anyone’s computer just by connecting with RDP. You know you can use Rdp even through mobile phones.
  • You can create Rdp and its specifications according to your choice. You can have the software of your choice.
  • RDP runs until you turn them off. So if you have some work that requires the computer to run non-stop, then it’s better to have RDP.
  • Best for cloud mining. You can run the bitcoin mining software all the time and generate the cost of using Rdp with it. Save huge electricity bills that you have to spend to run bitcoin miner. See you can even win with RDP.


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